Lose Debt is the Ultimate Guide to Helping You Lose Debt.  We have created this guide as a fast & easy alternative to all those long hard processes, and made it into 7 simple steps.  We also have included the best tools to help with losing debt!


We hope that we can outline a simple step-by-step process for you to avoid bankruptcy and gain financial freedom through our debt management plan.  It is easy for us to teach you the Lose Debt.org debt management plan, the key for you is to DO IT.  We know that this debt elimination plan may not work exactly for you but we believe ANYONE who is in debt or facing bankruptcy can learn some things from the Lose Debt.org debt management plan.

Create a debt plan!  Not for punishment, not because your friend told you should.  Do it for you.  This is the only way to attain the financial goals you want.

A debt plan always works.  A debt plan distinguish between what’s important to have and what you buy just for the sake of spending.  It saves you when your income is not enough.  A debt plan is an active approach for reaching your financial goals.  It begins with a basic goal:  “ I want to pay off my debt in two years,”  Then it reduces this goal, into small, everyday actions that you can complete one by one.

This website is intended to giving you the steps you need to create a debt plan.  We will help you eliminate your debt, avoid bankruptcy and change your financial future.  In addition, we hope to refer you to the resources you need to make this possible.  We will do this by outlining the process in 7 steps.

erase debt
Erase Debt Now With These Simple Steps!

These steps are:


          1. Stop Paying Interest Today
          2. Analyze your Expenses
          3. Debt Consolidation
          4. Eliminate or Reduce Your Expenses
          5. Establish a Budget
          6. Live-by the budget
          7. Start the Process of Making Wealth


Tools to Help Lose Debt:

These are the top rated tools chosen by our professionals to help you lose debt:

Mint – Money Manager, Bill Pay, Credit Score, Budgeting & Investing

Credit Karma – Free Credit Score & So Much More!

Bad Credit Lifeline – Tools & Advice for People with Bad Credit

Cash Loans with No Credit Check – Cash For Financial Emergencies