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Having very high debt that you cannot repay can cause you significant financial problems, and we are here to help solve this problem!   We have created a guide a simple 7 steps plan to help to reduce debt quickly and have you overcome financial problems associated with high debt.  Below this is our Lose Debt Toolkit that features the best online resources for helping you with debt problems.  We recommend that you bookmark our page if you have debt problems!leaving debt behind with our debt solution plan of actionWe hope that we can outline a simple step-by-step process for you to avoid bankruptcy and gain financial freedom through our debt management plan.  It is easy for us to teach you the Lose Debt.org debt management plan, the key for you is to DO IT.  We know that this debt elimination plan may not work exactly for you but we believe ANYONE who is in debt or facing bankruptcy can learn some things from the Lose Debt.org debt management plan.

Create a debt plan!  Not for punishment, not because your friend told you should.  Do it for you.  This is the only way to attain the financial goals you want.

A debt plan always works.  A debt plan distinguish between what’s important to have and what you buy just for the sake of spending.  It saves you when your income is not enough.  A debt plan is an active approach for reaching your financial goals.  It begins with a basic goal:  “ I want to pay off my debt in two years,”  Then it reduces this goal, into small, everyday actions that you can complete one by one.

This website is intended to giving you the steps you need to create a debt plan.  We will help you eliminate your debt, avoid bankruptcy and change your financial future.  In addition, we hope to refer you to the resources you need to make this possible.  We will do this by outlining the process in 7 steps.

erase debt
Erase Debt Now With These Simple Steps!

These steps are:

          1. Stop Paying Interest Today
          2. Analyze your Expenses
          3. Debt Consolidation
          4. Eliminate or Reduce Your Expenses
          5. Establish a Budget
          6. Live-by the budget
          7. Start the Process of Making Wealth

debt loss solutions and tools

Additional Debt Loss Solutions & Tools

Unique Ideas that Can Help You Eliminate Debt

Being in debt can cause you many financial problems. When you are in large debt and can’t pay it every month, you can destroy your credit and cause many financial problems.  Here are some unique ways in which you can help to significantly lower your debt and become financially stable.  These ways are better than your typical debt solutions so we recommend trying these first!

Create Additional Income Sources: Creating additional income streams can help you be able to pay down your debt, and help you create a safe debt amount that will help to boost your credit.  Having a low amount of debt that is paid on monthly on time is great for increasing your credit score.  Having this extra income can help with creating financial stability in your life!  Here is a list of ways you can create additional income streams, and with the internet you can do most of these from the comfort of your home: Our Recommended Resource: Side Hustles to Make Additional Income

Use Your Tax Refund: Each year you typically will get a Tax Refund that you wouldn’t normally use for other then buying yourself gifts or things that aren’t truly needed.  This year think about putting your tax refund on paying down your debt!  This in turn will put even more money in your pocket, in the future!  Here is a great source for getting your tax refund to you even quicker, and also has great information on how to increase your tax refund amount too!  Our Recommended Resource:  Income tax loans now

Ask Close Friends or Family: Asking your close friends and family should be your first choice when needing to get money to consolidate your debt.  Typically close friends and family will give you money without any interest rate, and will give you any amount of time to pay it back.  Even if they don’t, it typically will be better than getting a loan online!

Lose Debt Toolkit

Want to learn how to lose debt quickly?  These Resources & Tools will help you lose debt as quickly and easily as possible!

If debt has become a problem for you, and you need additional help, we have created the best debt toolkit that can help you overcome these financial problems!

When you need help with your debt problems, you will want to turn to a debt consolidation program. These programs will combine all your debt into one lower payment due to lower interest rates typically.  Making it into one lower payment will make your life so much easier.  This program that we just detailed is called a Debt Consolidation Loan.  There is also Debt Management Plan where you will work with someone one on one to create a debt plan.  You can do this by yourself as well with many wonderful tools there are nowadays.  Finally, if you are having serious debt problems, you can try a Debt Settlement company to help get your debt significantly reduced.  If you have crazy high debt, you should look into this right away!

Recommended Lose Debt Toolkit Resources:

Debt.org Consolidation Help – Debt.org has additional detailed information about the above programs, and can connect you with the top help.

Lending Club – We Recommend trying Lending Club to get a crowd funded loan to use as a debt consolidation loan if you can’t get help from friends and family first. This is the next best option for getting a loan as it typicaly has better rates and repayment schedules.

Legitimate payday loans online with no credit check – Get a loan online that you can use to pay off all your other debt so that you can consolidate it into one single lower payment. This  site will connect you with a lender that best matches what you need!

Best debt repayment tools and apps – The Simple Dollar has the ultimate list of tools to track debt repayment, and to stay on top of your debt!

The above resources are the best places to start with losing your debt, so we highly recommend that you bookmark our site, so you can always come back to this great list of the top resources to stop debt problems today!

Video: 9 Tips to Get Out of Debt by Financial Expert Dave Ramsey