You will have some upsetting budget overages.  Don’t stop; just keep at it.

Total your spending at least every week to see how you’re doing.  You will need to write down every expenditure you make or keep all your receipts.  Then once a week, compile your expenses to see how you are doing and were you may need to cut back to keep the budget for the month.

Adjust Budget over Time

Adjust the budget amounts; some will be high, others will be low.  Over time you should adjust the budget until a very sound and reasonable budget is established.  If you spend to much in one area in one month, you’ll have to determine a way to compensate the next.

Change Goals

As your goal changes, you may need adjust your budget to achieve them.  You’re first year’s goal might be quite modest: “Reduce my debt by $2,400 achieved by  paying every month $200.  After achieving that first goal you may choose to be more ambitious.  “Pay off the Remainder of your Debt”.  Then you may move on to “save 2% of my salary”.


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